How Long Does a Car Wrap Last? What To Know Before Wrapping Your Car

So you decided to have your car wrapped. You believe it is practical, affordable, and it offers protection to the original paint of your car.

The technique is becoming more popular to private car owners because it is a good way to fully customized a car. You wonder how long does a car wrap last?

The Quick Answer

Just like a traditional car paint, car wraps need maintenance to extend its lifespan. In general, the average lifespan of a car wrap is from 5 to 7 years. But there are a lot of things to consider to achieve this. First, you have to check if the paintwork of your car is in superb condition before the wrapping process.

Next, the car wrap should be installed properly. You also have to do proper maintenance to make sure your car is protected all the time.

The way you use and take care of your car may have a huge impact on the overall lifespan of your car wrap. Yes, it can even exceed 7 years and many can attest to this.

More About Car Wrapping

What is car wrapping?

In the process of car wrapping, thin sheets of vinyl are applied to the body panels or surfaces or a car to alter its appearance. You can opt to have a glossy or matte finish, gradient color style, metallic, or simply add a protective layer to your treasured cars. There are a lot of available designs in the market today and you can always choose something that fits your taste. The surfaces of the car are measured first and after that, the final design is printed and then applied to the vehicle.  Car wrapping is commonly used today as an affordable alternative to traditional car paintings.

What Are the Benefits of Car Wrapping?

While car wrapping has been around for quite some time now, primarily for trucks and bus advertisements (think of brand logos and graphics placed on vehicles’ surfaces), there are a lot of reasons why car owners want it for their private vehicles.

If case you are wondering about the benefits of car wraps, this short guide will tell you all you need to know about it.

Is Car Wrapping Affordable?

Pieces of vinyl, even the high-quality ones, are more affordable than having your car repainted for a fresher look. You can have it retouched and it will still not cost you a lot.

Does Car Wrapping Offer Paint Protection?

When done properly, car wraps won’t give damage to the original paint of the car. In fact, it can help protect the paint from chips and scratches.

Doew Car Wrapping Give You Endless Design Choices?

If you want to have a unique look for your car, you can have it easily customized with car wrapping. You can also choose to have it glossy, matte, satin, camo, and a lot more. This is something a traditional paint job won’t do. 

How Easy It Is To Replace Car Wrap Vinyl?

Car wraps are reversible. You can have it changed or completely removed, depending on your choice unlike when you have your car repainted, you can’t go back to the way it was. 

The replacement process is also very simple. 

Will The Car Wraps Affect the Resale Value of the Car?

Since it protects the paint and it is very easy to replace, it won’t pretty much affect your car’s value should you decide to resell it. If on the other hand, the paint looks worn out, getting a car wrap can even help you increase the value a bit. 

Most Important Car Wrapping Maintenance Tips

If you use your car mainly for city driving, the car wrap will have the chance to last long. However, if you regularly use it cross country or off-road and it is exposed to a lot of elements like wind and excessive dirt, the wrap can potentially be damaged. Just like traditional paint, the weather and the condition plays a big role in maintaining it. Below are some suggested guidelines for car wrapping maintenance. 

Be easy on the wash. 

Car wraps can be washed but experts recommend doing only hand washing with a soft sponge. When drying the car, a microfiber cloth is recommended. If you are taking your car out for a carwash, always discuss it with the service provider.

Remember that while water jets are ok, pressure washer when used the wrong way (above 2,000 psi), can damage the car wrap as well. You can have your car washed once a week just to remove dust and other pollutants that can damage the vinyl.

Wax with caution. 

Car wraps don’t normally need to be waxed but if you feel the need to do it, check for wax that is suitable to use for vinyl. Wax products are also not used in matte-finished wraps. 

Invest in a quality cover.

Having your car in a garage is a good way to maintain the quality of the car wrap. This also protects the car from other elements outside. But if you don’t have a garage, it is recommended to invest in a car cover that can protect the wrap. 

Keep it away from the sun. 

The sun can potentially damage the vinyl used in car wrapping. Leaving it exposed in the sun for too long is not recommended. Make sure to check the location where you park your car. 

Be wary of gasoline spills. 

Gasoline is a solvent that can damage vinyl so it is recommended to wipe off spills immediately to avoid damage or to wash the car off completely in hot soapy water. 

Final Thoughts on the Car Wrapping

When choosing to have your vehicles wrapped in vinyl, you should be prepared to take care of it properly. Yes, car wrapping offers an affordable and unique alternative and it has a lot of benefits but it also involves a lot of maintenance.

As the owner, you must be committed to regularly check and maintain your vehicle to make sure that the wrap will stay in good condition as long as possible.

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