How to Start An Online Fitness Business. A Pandemic Short Guide to The Online Gym.

You are looking for information on how to start an online fitness business. You are probably a coach or a freelance personal training who wants to help, or you have your physical gym. That’s awesome!

2020 saw the rise of online businesses because of the COVID19 pandemic. People choose to stay at home and avail products and services, as much as possible online, because of the panic brought upon by the virus.

This year also made things difficult for physical businesses providing services. One of the most affected industries that lost millions is the fitness industry

 If you want to continue pursuing your passion, make a difference, and make money, here is a pandemic short guide to establishing your online gym. 

The need for an online gym

Many people are doing a great job with their fitness routines in a gym where there is a presence of a personal coach or trainer to guide them. However, the present situation brought difficulties and challenges as it could be hard for people to push through with their routines and track their progress at home.

The solution? Enrolling in online gym classes or availing the services of an online personal trainer.

The technology today made it possible for online fitness businesses from home to thriving. With the right mindset and perseverance, it is still possible to keep track of your fitness goals. 

For gym owners and personal trainers, finding the right online business idea is a critical first step. Yes, there is a need to start something, but it can be challenging to know the concept. 

What fuels your passion as a fitness service provider? Perhaps, you can assess the following business ideas below.

Monetized content for a fitness blog

Complete with training programs and health and wellness ideas, this is perfect for fitness coaches and personal trainers.

An online gym class via Zoom or Skype

This is great for those who provide fitness classes for yoga, Zumba, and aerobic exercises. 

An e-commerce store for fitness equipment

This can be done by almost everyone who loves fitness and has good knowledge of various fitness equipment. 

A fitness vlog

This can be monetized through ads or affiliate commissions.

Fitness membership site. Also great for personal trainers who want to continue providing services online by guiding their members to continue their fitness journey at home. 

Starting an online fitness business

Conducting an online fitness class is not a piece of cake for everyone. Sometimes, there might not be heavy equipment involved, just the instructor’s knowledge and the determination of the student. With this situation, some things need to be considered. 

1. Finding a good media

There are a lot of gyms that transitioned to online fitness this year. To make yours known, you should find the right media to spread the word of how you adjust to the pandemic. Social media is a good start.

Having your website with your blog and logo would help a lot too. The key is to let your clients know you are doing your part for this new normal. 

Advertise your mission to help people. Let them know that you are willing to be part of their progress and that no pandemic can stop you from helping them achieve their dream physique and good health.

There are different ways on how you can do this, as stated above. Have them try your service first by using these media. When they find it useful, you can gather as many students as you want to keep your business going.

2. Offer one-on-one programs and create pre-recorded workout programs

When you already established your transition to online fitness, it is advisable to offer one-on-one classes. An online gym can be challenging when you are teaching a class of multiple people.

It is hard to monitor each person if they’re following or doing well in the study. To make sure that everyone is getting their progress, you should offer one-on-one lessons to help the instructor and the client.

In this session, you can personally see if the trainee is doing well or needs a little bit of push of motivation. 

Pre-recorded classes can be of great help not only to the instructors but also to the students. These videos will help the client work out on their own time, and by this, instructors will have the time for themselves.

By having pre-recorded sessions, there will be a lot of time saved. These pre-recorded programs will be the student’s guide to his or her daily workout. If a client does not want a live one-on-one session, this is another option for them.

3. Utilize the power of social media. 

Everyone uses social media nowadays. One of the fastest ways to spread information about your business is through social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

If you are not keen on paying for ads, joining fitness groups on Facebook dramatically helps. Suppose you want to share good visual content and tutorial videos.

In that case, Instagram and Youtube might help you with your promotion. Twitter and LinkedIn are also useful for sharing relevant information. Often, they have a good network and algorithm that you don’t have to pay to reach your target audience. 

4. Know your market.

You may have the technical know-how, but your online fitness business may not thrive at all if you lack the marketing skills.

First, you should know your target market and create marketing ideas to cater to that audience. Remember also that a website and your social media page won’t be doing all the work for you.

You need to invest in good content to drive good traffic and avail ads if you must spread the word. 


Starting an online fitness business can be very challenging. With the pandemic, it can even be more difficult for many people who earn from the fitness industry.

But this year is such a revelation because people are still willing to adjust to the new normal and are always ready to continue what they started at the gym to stay healthy while at home.

After all, with the virus going around, it is really important to prioritize taking care of the health and body. 

The concept of the online fitness business, when utilized thoroughly, can be permanent even after the pandemic.

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