How to Write a Book? The 6 Things You Need to Get Started

So you are wondering how to write a book. The entire experience can be unique for each individual who aspires to be an author. Getting published is difficult but the process of writing gives you a whole lot of challenges. 

For many who adore writing and love reading, writing and publishing a book is the ultimate realization of a dream. However, you have a lot of things to do and consider and sometimes, you have to spend some too. Do you want to write and publish your own book, don’t be discouraged! You can definitely start somewhere, you just need to have a step-by-step plan and stick to it. 

How to write a book? Read on to know the things you need to get started. 

Planning and writing your book

Becoming a book author is something that can make an impact to your audience. A piece of work compiled in a book can spark interests, inspire others, and change lives. It is not always easy but it is very fulfilling in the end. 

If you plan on writing a book, know that you need to know that it is a process and you need to take on necessary plans in order to be successful. Today, many aspiring writers are lucky to have access to a lot of writing tools on the internet. You can even publish your own e-book all by yourself for free via Kindle Direct Publishing and reach readers around the world through Amazon. Everything is simple if you follow the process. Below are 5 simple steps you can start with. 

1. Know what the book is going to be about.

What are you passionate about? What is that one thing that you want to share so that you can inspire other people? You might already know the things you want to write about in your head but without a plan, you might find yourself lost in the middle of writing your own book and you might find it hard to continue.

2. Gather your ideas and do research.

You need to have that one idea and you need to be able to stick to it. You need to be inspired as well to do so that you may be able to keep the words and ideas flowing. If you have numerous ideas in mind, take it slow. Walk around your block, find some “me” time, or just take time to be silent and focus on that one thing that ignites your spark. If you plan to write on a creative fictional story, you may consider doing a creative story writing workshop just so you can filter what you have in mind. 

3. Plan your writing outline.

Once you know what you want to write about and you have the general theme and idea on how the story or how the book will be, it will help a lot to have an outline of the whole book. An outline could be a summary complete with your objective, format, chapters, your climax, conflict point, and characters. When you are feeling lost or losing direction, you can always go back to your outline for help. 

4. Set a time to work on your book on a daily basis.

Different authors or writers have different writing techniques. What worked for others (even best-selling authors) might not always work for you. Always work on your own phase. Set a time of the day to work, the number of words you can deliver a day, and your daily deliverable goal. You may also set your break time if you must. 

5. Give yourself a deadline.

Some say it takes them years to finish a book. Do you really want to go that way? Perhaps it is their masterpiece or perhaps it is from a best-selling author that needed a lot of time in order to produce great work. If you are just beginning with your writing journey, always make sure to give yourself a deadline so you can accomplish a lot of work in a matter of time. 

6. Have your trusted circle read your manuscript.

Writing and editing can take a lot of time but it is really fulfilling to be able to finish a book. If you are able to do so, make sure to let your trusted circle or colleague know about it first. Send them copies and ask for their opinions. This can help you a lot because you get to know other people’s perspective of your work. 

Publishing your work

After the very rigorous process of writing, editing, revising, and finally concluding your book, the next difficult thing to do is to publish. Remember that going via the traditional route of publishing takes a lot of work as well and sometimes it is very difficult to get an agent to notice your book. Sending copies to various publishing agencies can take a lot of hard work too and it could take years to get noticed. Fortunately today, there are a lot of options where aspiring authors can publish their work. This is the easiest route by far.

As mentioned, publishing for free in a form of an ebook via Kindle may be a good start. The world of digital marketing can help a lot. You can market your work through social media, get help from influencers, start a blog by offering book snippets, have live reading online, and a lot more. You can also send printed copies to some as a form of marketing. Yes, it is easier to publish online if you are a beginner. 

There are also a lot of things to consider when publishing your book. For one, you have to plan for your book cover to catch attention. You also need to have a catchy title because there could be hundreds of ebooks being published daily and there is a lot of competition. 

 As a new author, knowing what you want and having a proper plan might help you a lot in your journey of writing and publishing. Stick to your goal and continue to dream. Having an experience might play a big role but if you know what to write about and you have the audience for it, don’t be afraid to try.

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