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Latest Most Popular Hair Design Ideas For Men

Men’s hair design has gone through a lot of transformation over the years. From going to barber shops, there are now salons and stylists that cater specifically to men.

Men’s hair magazines and Pinterest pins are trending along with men’s fashion as new stylish cuts are emerging almost every season.

If you have been sporting your favorite simple undercut (which is still awesome by the way) because it is already your comfort zone, now is probably the best time to try something new and different.

This year is a year of unexpected twists and turns. If you want to start fresh and change your perspective, a new haircut and hairstyle might be a good start.

Are you ready to take a look at hair design inspirations that might suit you? Here are some well-loved haircut and hairstyle ideas you can check.

#1. Crew cut.

Classic Crew Cut Hair designFor Men

This classic man hair design won’t go out of style. It’s here to stay forever and for all the right reasons.

The crew cut features a short hair cut on top and clean, faded sides and back. The cut became popular back in the 1920s to 30s to university students in the US. Since then, it has become a standard hair design for men of any age. The hairstyle is simple and is very easy to keep. You need to brush the hair on top and part it on the side you prefer. If the hair on top is long, you may opt to brush it up. If you have something short, you can wash it and wear it without styling it at all.

#2. Fade cut

Fade Cut Hair design For Men

Faded haircuts are popular among men because they are very easy to mix with different hairstyles. They are sleek, clean, and stylish.

A fade can be added to different types of hair length. It can be a short, mid, or high fade. The low fade haircut is generally short. The mid one gradually fades from mid-on top while the high fade is similar to a long crew cut.

Throughout the years, stylists can design various faded cuts. Some of the most popular are the shadow fade, skin fade, and temple fade.

#3. Side Part hair design

Side part hair design ideas for men

This one is mostly a hairstyle than a cut because you can style your hair this way on most hair cut. This is another classic that won’t go out of style.

Side part style goes well with faded haircuts and crew cut. It is very low maintenance and only requires a little bit of styling. Sometimes, all you need is just a comb to part your hair to the side. The side part hair design gives you a simple, timeless, clean, and sophisticated look.

#4. Caesar Cut

Ceasar hair design for men

This hair cut has a pretty classic and ancient background. It originated from the Roman Empire and is often associated with Julius Ceasar, hence the name. True enough, when you hear it, you can’t help but think about the hairstyles back in ancient Rome, which are very stylish.

The Ceasar cut is generally a short cut and is styled forward with a fridge cut horizontally. This cut looks good with straight or curly hair and is often sported by models because it is fashionable.

#5. French crop

French crop haircut style

This one is similar to the Ceasar cut. Your fringe is cut horizontally but with more length on the top f the head. The length may vary as well, depending on your preference.

The French cut, just like the Ceasar cut, is very easy to style as well. Just work on styling your fringe with a wax or clay, and you’re good to go. You can also ask your stylist what French crop suits you best. It could be faded, long, texturized,

#6. Undercut pompadour hair design

This is one of the most popular and stylish choices for an undercut and is mostly sported by young men.

The undercut pompadour features a long hair on the top with a skin faded cut on the back and sides. The hair on top is usually brushed up or styled in a bulge. Some even tie it for a more sleek look. This hairstyle is trendy, and you might need some time to style it properly, but it is a good alternative if you want to try something different.

#7. Fringe

Fringe Haircut for Men

Fringe not only looks good on women, but it can also work and appear stylish on men too! You have probably seemed the rise of this trendy haircut for men for the past years, and its growing popularity proves that many men fall in love with it.

You can easily spot Asian men sporting the fringe cut, and they would allow their bangs to fall on their forehead. This hair cut is very easy to style with a little bit of wax or clay. Make it appear messy for a stylish look.

#8. Wavy

This is another trendy hairstyle that is popular among men. Those with naturally wavy hair are embracing it and letting show. The most common wavy hairstyle for men is an undercut with faded sides, with the wavy top being longer than usual. Styling it to make it look messy is an in-thing.

Some men, however, prefer to have their hair long while showing their loose waves. This look is very easy to maintain and appears to be rugged yet stylish at the same time.

#9. Man bun

Man bun haircut for men

\You might think a man bun is just a hipster thing. Still, throughout the years, this hairstyle evolves and becomes popular, especially to the younger ones.

If you have longer hair, you can easily put it in a bun with just a regular hair tie. This style is low-maintenance yet fashionable. If you are sporting an undercut or a pompadour, you can keep the hair on the grow and tie it into a bun when it reached desirable length. Many preferred this style because of its rugged look.

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